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27 May 2009 – River sampling series.

At 0600 we replaced the long pump hose with a much shorter one to make it easier to prime the pump and get the water flowing.  David Needham set up a primary production measurement at 0700, and the water sampling team collected DNA and RNA samples and measured bacterial production.  Water sampling for methane, CDOM, and nutrients continued until 1200.  Then at 1500 we got underway and steamed down to the estuary and around to the North channel where we anchored for the night on the 27th.   Along the way we slowed the ship periodically and collected 10 water samples for methane and CDOM from the pump.  Slowing the ship was important because at normal speed the pump drew bubbles that foul up gas concentration measurements.  After anchoring in the North Channel we collected four more samples during two CTD casts at a range of salinities to complete the river to estuary methane transect.