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Enivronmental Sample Processor

The Environmental Sample Processor (ESP) is a robotic device that autonomously collects and analyzes subsurface water samples. CMOP is using the ESP in a unique way by deploying it in the turbid waters of an estuary, from a pier, and performing adaptive sampling targeted to the timing and characteristics of specific biological hotspots.

Environmental Sample Processor Scientista run preliminary tests on Environmental Sample Processor in OHSU lab. More testing of ESP in OHSU lab

ESP placed in water proof casing prior to field deployment. ESP is rolled to end of pier in the Columbia River estuary CMOP scientist prepare to install ESP at SATURN-04 observation station

Graduate student Vena Haynes setups up pumping system. Michael Wilkin checks computer link. ESP housed at end of pier with SATURN-04

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(Photos: Jeff Schilling/CMOP)