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CMOP Investigator Named AAAS Fellow

Brad Tebo12/02/13 Portland, Ore.

Bradley Tebo, Ph.D., CMOP investigator, associate director and professor at Oregon Health & Science University’s Institute of Environmental Health and head of the Division of Environmental and Biomolecular Systems, has been named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), an honor bestowed upon the association’s members by their peers.

Tebo was elected as an AAAS fellow “for his distinguished contributions to the microbiology, biogeochemistry, and mineralogy of manganese, with a particular emphasis on microbial manganese oxidation processes in the marine environment.”

The main focus of Tebo’s work is on the molecular mechanisms of microbial metal transformations with the aim of gaining a better understanding of environmental processes.

Recently, Tebo and his research collaborators reported in Science a discovery that an often-overlooked form of manganese, critical to many life processes, is far more prevalent than previously known in ocean environments and may shed light on the complex connections between the biology, geology and chemistry in the ocean.

He is among 388 members to receive this honor by AAAS because of their scientifically or socially distinguished efforts to advance science or its applications. This year's AAAS Fellows were formally announced in the AAAS News & Notes section of the journal Science on November 29, 2013.

New fellows will be presented with an official certificate and a gold and blue (representing science and engineering, respectively) rosette pin on Saturday, Feb. 15, at the AAAS Fellows Forum during the 2014 AAAS Annual Meeting in Chicago.

The full list of newly elected AAAS fellows is available online.


Written by Jeff Schilling