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Johnson joins CMOP as Managing Director

04/20/08 Portland, Ore.

Amy JohnsonCMOP is pleased to welcome Amy Johnson, who joined the center on March 24th. She will initially hold a part-time appointment with CMOP while transitioning from her position as Assistant Dean for Education at OHSU’s Department of Science and Engineering (DoSE).

As CMOP’s Managing Director, Amy will coordinate the day-to-day operations of the center functioning as Director Antonio Baptista's right hand. Her role will include oversight of the administrative, human resources, and management needs of CMOP.

Amy brings to CMOP twelve years of experience in human resources, two of which at DoSE; seven years of experience leading the Graduate Education Department at DoSE; and some ten years of other management experience. She holds an MS in Management in Science and Technology and a BA in Psychology. In addition, Amy has industry experience in biotech and chip technology, across both industry startups and established corporations.

Dr. Baptista notes that “Amy's breadth of experiences in academia, industry, education, human resources, and administrative management is highly relevant and critically important for CMOP. She adds immediate and distinctive value to our already strong senior management team."

Amy is excited by CMOP's mission, commenting, "The more I learn about CMOP, its mission, and its research and educational projects, the more exciting this opportunity is for me. I'm looking forward to contributing to CMOP’s success and helping make it a productive and fulfilling place to work."