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Daily field report

Fixed stations daily report [07/19/2024]

Problem-causing issues
Not working
Not currently installed
Not applicable to station
Not assessed today

General comments: [13/10/28] Issue with ISUS at SAT-03 should be investigated. Data on putty appears normal but website plotter is not correct.

Cathlamet Bay North Channel (USCG day mark green 3): [13/12/17] Recovered and replaced 12/10

Desdemona Sands Light: [13/12/17] Reporting.

Elliott Point: [13/01/28] Not reporting. Scheduled for service.

Grays Point (USCG day mark green 13): [13/02/12] Reporting. Scheduled for service.

Hammond Tide Gage: [13/02/11] Friday, February 8, 2013 solar panel and contents of dry box removed (radio, solar controller, etc.)

Jetty A: [14/01/14] Telemetry spotty. Due for new battery topside.

Lower Sand Island light (USCG day mark green 5): [14/01/06] Stopped reporting 1/3/2014. Due for service.

SATURN-01: [13/10/28] Sat-01 still being prepped for deployment.

SATURN-02: [12/11/01] Replaced with winter buoy, deployed 20 Oct 2012

SATURN-03: [14/03/04] Bottom mount due for recovery. MW pump down.

SATURN-04: [14/03/04] Thermistor and cable replaced. Station due for cleaning. NS pump down.

SATURN-05: [12/07/16] Not assessed.

SATURN-06: [12/07/16] Not assessed.

SATURN-07: [14/01/21] Currently undergoing rebuild.

Tansy Point (USCG front range board): [13/10/28] Reporting.

Tenasillahe Island (USFW dock): [13/01/28] Not reporting. Scheduled for service.

Waste water outfall (City of Astoria): [13/02/19] Some temperature data coming through, though it is not constant. Not scheduled for replacement.

Woody Island (USCG Pillar Rock back range board): [13/07/12] Plans to service station as soon as possible.