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R/V Wecoma Research Campaign - May 2010

Lydie HerfortDate: May 21- June 4, 2010
Chief Scientist: Lydie Herfort
Document: Cruise Plan
Research Vessel: R/V Wecoma
Cruise Support: Modeling data (CMOP only)


  1. Occupy a grid of stations over the Oregon and Washington continental shelf and slope to measure hydrographic (T, S, pressure), bio-optical (chlorophyll fluorescence, light transmission) and chemical (nitrate, dissolved oxygen) parameters. Combine these data with ADCP measurements of subsurface velocity to explore biophysical interactions.
  2. Collect water samples across environmental gradients in pelagic environments of the Columbia River and its estuary, the Columbia River plume, and along established sampling lines along the Oregon and Washington coasts for DNA- and RNA-based microbial community analysis and study of phytoplankton assemblage structure, harmful algae and phycotoxin as well as chemistry studies (e.g. CH4, Mn).
  3. To determine which bacterial assemblage is associated with which particle size in and out of estuarine turbidity maxima, Owen tubes will be used to collect bottom water at Beaver Army Dock and in North and South channels of the Columbia River estuary.
  4. Make continuous measurements of surface water chemistry with several devices attached to the continuous flow seawater system.
  5. Collect contextual physical and chemical data with AUV and boom mounted ADCP in estuary and plume.