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ETM Research Campaign: April-May 2012

R/V OceanusDate: April 30 - May 10, 2012
Chief Scientists: Tom Sanford (Applied Physics Laboratory of the University of Washington ) and Byron Crump (University of Maryland Horn Point Laboratory)
Research Vessel: R/V Oceanus
Cruise Plan

Scientific Goals:
1. To measure the dominant physical processes in the Estuarine Turbidity Maximum (ETM) of the Columbia River estuary, including velocity, turbulence, mixing, sediment burden and water characteristics.

2. To determine which bacterial assemblage is associated with which particle size in and out of ETM using water samples collected with a pump attached to a CTD system, and using samples collected with Owen Tube bottom withdrawal tubes.

3. Collect contextual physical and chemical data with Autonomous Underwater Vehcicles, remote sensing of water column salinity, bottom mounted ADP and CTD, and boom mounted ADCP in estuary and plume.

Columbia River Estuary Weather Conditions

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