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R/V Wecoma Research Cruise - May 2008

Tawnya Peterson - Chief ScientistProject Name: I.5.5 Wecoma: 05/27-06/07 ‘08
Chief Scientist: Tawnya Peterson
Research Vessel: R/V Wecoma
Cruise Plan: Download Cruise Plan (.doc)
Data: Sampling Sites

Project Description
R/V WecomaThis research cruise targeted the period of spring freshet in the Columbia River, and it addressed a broad range of research goals ranging from mooring recovery to sediment coring to DNA & RNA sample collection.

1. Occupy a grid of stations over the Oregon and Washington continental shelf and slope to measure hydrographic (T, S, pressure), bio-optical (chlorophyll fluorescence, light transmission) and chemical (nitrate, dissolved oxygen) parameters. Combine these data with ADCP measurements of subsurface velocity to explore biophysical interactions.

2. Collect water samples for membrane lipid and DNA- and RNA-based microbial community analyses, primary and secondary production rates and water chemistry studies across environmental gradients in pelagic environments of the Columbia River estuary, the Columbia River plume, the Columbia River at Beaver Army Dock and along established sampling lines along the Oregon and Washington coasts.

3. Collect surface sediments in Columbia River, estuary, plume and at a few sites on coastal lines using a multicorer.

4. Make continuous measurements of surface water chemistry with several devices attached to the continuous flow seawater system.

5. Feature Tracking exercise using the SWAP system and model-based now-cast/forecast system to follow the Columbia River Plume.