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2014 Research Campaigns

Research Campaigns 2014
CMOP uses vessels and various platforms to conduct field campaigns in the Columbia River estuary and coastal waters of Oregon and Washington. The research in these areas includes: advance mechanistic understanding of estuarine plankton blooms, biogeochemical exchange between lateral bays and the estuary, Estuarine Turbidity Maxima physical and biogeochemical processes, and ecological effects of ocean acidification and hypoxia.

2014 Research Field Campaigns

OceanusApril 1-4, 2014
Ship: R/V Oceanus
Chief Scientist: Mike Kosro, OSU
Purpose: Service NH-10 mooring; conduct CTD casts along Newport Hydroline, Columbia River line, Grays Harbor, and estuary work


OceanusSeptember 30 - October 3, 2014
Ship: R/V Oceanus
Chief Scientist: Tom Sanford, APL-UW
Purpose: Service moorings and baseline water sampling