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If Moorings Had Wings

Imagine if mooring had wings, they wouldn't need to be hauled out of the ocean for servicing. Well of course they don't have wings, which means someone has to go get them. Murray Levine lead a research cruise to pick up Sitka, a mooring that has been continuously collecting data for the past six months. The team departed Newport, Oregon and headed miles west along what is called the Newport Hydroline. Sitka measures a lot of things at different depths including; temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, horizontal velocity of ocean currents, and chlorophyll/fluorescence to measure the amount of biology, growth, and green matter in the ocean. These long-term measurements will help Levine and other CMOP scientists understand how climate change is affecting the ecosystems in the ocean. Visit the CMOP cruise web page.


(Photo: Murray Levine/CMOP)