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Have You Hugged Your Glider Today

Katie and Phoebe
Katie Rathmell, CMOP glider team leader, gives Phoebe one last check as she is transported to the deployment site off the coast of Washington state. Phoebe is a bright yellow Slocum 200m glider that is an integral component of the SATURN pioneer array. She is equipped with a Seabird CTD 90340, Aandera optode 3835, and WET Labs ECO triplet BBFL2SLO. The CMOP field team sent her out on the first mission of the year to collect data in the waters off the Washington coast as a collaborative research effort with the Quinault Indian Nation. She will patrol the area for three weeks and surface at regular intervals to transmit her data to shore while downloading new instructions. View Real-time Data


(Photo: Jeff Schilling/CMOP)