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High School Science Teacher Joins CMOP for Summer Teacher Education Program

6/25/07 Beaverton, OR

Misty Scevola is the first participant in the CMOP high school teacher education program, “Teachers Translating Research into Practice”. Misty will spend the summer working with Dr. Michiko Nakano to learn more about micro and molecular biology.

Misty currently teaches natural resources and science at Meek Professional Technical High School in Portland, Oregon. She works with At Risk 10-12 graders who have all dropped out of one of Portland’s high schools, but would like to continue their education.

Misty offers many hands on experience in her class. Her students’ rear salmon, learn how to test water quality, and participate in the HawkWatch International program. Misty’s students also participate in monitoring old growth forests at Opal Creek, and she has students who compete in the Math Engineering Science Achievement (MESA) program with bridges and trebuchets, as well as Remote Operating Vehicles (ROV) underwater robot competitions.

While at CMOP Misty will be working on isolating DNA from samples taken from the Columbia River. Misty will look for a particular gene sequence, and after some analysis the sequence will be deposited in the GenBank. Misty will also be working with a master teacher on translating her laboratory research in to relevant materials for her classroom.

CMOP will be hosting four teachers during the summer of 2008, if you are interested in receiving information about the “Teachers Translating Research into Practice” program.