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Presentations by CMOP Members

Year: 2006
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Baptista, A.M.. 2006Scaling up a coastal margin observing system. 7th International Conference on HydroScience and Engineering. September 11, 2006. Philadelphia, PA
Baptista, A.M.. 2006Oregon and ocean observing: vision, status and unique opportunities. Natural Resources Cabinet of the Governor of Oregon. August 31, 2006. Salem, OR
Year: 2012
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Baptista, A.M.. 2012The SATURN collaboratory for the Columbia River coastal margin: capabilities and applications. Columbia River Estuary Conference. May 17, 2012. Astoria, OR
Baptista, A.M.. 2012SATURN model for the Lower Columbia River Estuary.. Corps Climate Change Workshop. June 12, 2012. Portland, OR
Baptista, A.M.. 2012Salinity Intrusion and Productivity.  Bonneville Power Administration. August 1, 2012. Portland, OR
Baptista, A.M.. 2012Estuarine hypoxia and acidification in the Columbia River. Eastern Pacific Ocean Conference - EPOC 2012. September 19, 2012. Mt. Hood, OR
Baptista, A.M.. 2012The SATURN Collaboratory. Washington State University. October 22, 2012. Vancouver, WA
Baptista, A.M.. 2012Operational modeling of a complex estuary-plume system. Chinese University of Hong Kong . November 12, 2012. Hong Kong, China
Baptista, A.M.. 2012Operational modeling of a complex estuary-plume system. Hong Kong Observatory. November 13, 2012. Hong Kong, China
Baptista, A.M.. 2012Operational modeling of a complex estuary-plume system. South China Sea Institute of Oceanology. November 13, 2012. Guangshou, China
Year: 2014
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Baptista, A.M.. 2014Of Salmon and People, of Environment and Health. AI/AN Health Seminar. April 3, 2014. Portland, OR
Baptista, A.. 2014CMOP report on activities relative to ATNI resolution #10-23. ATNI Mid-Year Convention. May 6, 2014. Grand Round, WA
Baptista, A.. 2014The Columbia River Basin. JPAC Public Forum: "North America's Coasts in a Changing Climate". November 6, 2014. Arlington, VA
Baptista, A.. 2014You need the results when? Place-based estuarine science with global societal implications. 2nd International Ocean Research Conference. November 17, 2014. Barcelona, Spain
Baptista, A.. 2014Science with an impact on decisions in the coastal zone: Lessons from the Pacific Northwest, USA. Conference Cycle on the Coast Portuguese. October 31, 2014. Lisbon, Portugal
Baptista, A. 2014The Columbia River as a river-dominated bioreactor: A data informed in silico exploration. 61st Annual Eastern Pacific Ocean Conference. September 18, 2014. Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood, Oregon
António M. Baptista, Charles Seaton, Kurt Fresh, Dan Bottom, Jessica Miller, Krista Jones, Hans Moritz, Cynthia Studebaker, Rob Lothrop. 2014Fast prediction of river influences on the Columbia River estuary and plume, and implications for policy, adaptive management and operation. 2014 Columbia River Estuary Workshop: Forging Links in the Columbia River Estuary. May 28, 2014. Liberty Theater, Astoria, Oregon
Year: 2015
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Baptista, A.M.. 2015Our Global Estuary. 16th POGO Plenary Meeting (POGO-16). January 29, 2015. Tenerife, Spain
Baptista, A., Karna, T., Lopez, J., Spitz, Y.. 2015Pushing an estuarine circulation model to the brink: Lessons learned and next steps. Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) Conference on Mathematical and Computational Issues. June 29, 2015. Stanford, California
Baptista, A., Buskey, E., Davis, M., Leinen, M., Subramanian, V., Spitz, Y.. 2015Our Virtual Global Estuary. CERF 2015: Grand Challenges in Estuarine & Coastal Science: Securing our Future. November 12, 2015. Portland, OR
Year: 2011
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Baptista, A.M, Spitz, Y.H, Needoba, J.A, Peterson, T.D, Zuber, P., Herfort, L.M, Seaton, C.M, Cho, K.H, Welle, P., Lopez, J.E. 2011Collaboratory Enabled Ecological Forecasts. ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting. February 14, 2011. San Juan, Puerto Rico
Baptista, A. M.. 2011The NSF Science Technology Center for Coastal Margin Observation & Prediction: A National and Pacific Northwest Asset. Marine Technology Society - Puget Sound Section Annual Meeting. April 21, 2011. Beaverton, OR
Year: 2016
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Baptista, A.. 2016Observations in Estuaries. POGO Plenary Meeting (POGO-17). January 27, 2016. Yokohama, Japan
Year: 2009
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Bandolin, N., Wilkin, M., Rathmell, K J., Baptista, A.M.. 2009Towards long-term time series of sediment concentrations in the Columbia River. Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation 20th Biennial Conference. November 2, 2009. Portland, OR
Anthony, S., Prahl, F.G. 2009Seasonal Variation in Willamette River Dissolved Methane Concentrations. Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation 20th Biennial Conference. November 2, 2009. Portland, OR
Year: 2008
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Bandolin, N., Baptista, A.M.. 2008The Current State of Coastal Observation Networks. Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science National Conference. October 9, 2008. Salt Lake City, UT
Year: 2010
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Bandolin, N.. 2010Towards Long-Term Time Series of Sediment Concentrations in the Columbia Rive Estuary. Pacific Univeristy Student Poster Sessions. November 16, 2010. Forest Grove, OR
Anderson, C.R., Davis, R., Bandolin, S., Baptista, A.M. ,Tebo, B.M. . 2010Proteomic and genetic evidence for in situ bacterial Mn-oxidation in the Columbia River Estuary and coastal plume. Ocean Sciences Meeting. February 22, 2010. Portland, OR
Year: 2007
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Anderson, E., Callahan, S.. 2007Hardware-Assisted Point-Based Volume Rendering of Tetrahedral Meshes. SIBGRAPI 2007 - Brazilian Symposium on Computer Graphics and Image Processing. July 11, 2007. Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Anderson, E., Callahan, S.. 2007VisTrails: Using Provenance to Streamline Data Exploration. International Workshop on Data Integration in the Life Sciences (DILS). June 27, 2007. Philadelphia, PA