About SATURN-01

Columbia River estuary, North Channel

Astoria-Megler Bridge, Pile 11 (46.24N, 123.87W)

Active since May 2008

SATURN-01 is a biogeochemical station of the SATURN collaboratory, maintained by the Center for Coastal Margin Observation and Prediction (CMOP), a NSF Science and Technology Center. The station is designed to capture the local vertical structure of the water column. Water depth at the station vicinity is ~21m, relative to Mean Sea Level.

Design: A vertical profiler, with a motored winch controlling the position of a multi-disciplinary sensor package.

Sensor configuration (subject to change):




Salinity, Temperature


SUNA Nitrate

Nitrate Concentration


Colored Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM)


Dissolved Oxygen



Chlorophyll concentration (via fluorescence), Turbidity

Note: We welcome requests for third-party deployment of sensors at this station. Please contact saturn@stccmop.org.

Stage of development: Experimental

Power: Shore power

Telemetry: SWAP2 2.4GHz radio and 900MHz spread spectrum radio

Installed and operated by: Oregon Health & Science University

Data availability: Data is openly available, pursuant of the disclaimer below.

Disclaimer: All data are collected as a part of a scientific project, and are provided as is, without explicit or implicit warranty of accuracy or suitability for any purpose. User is fully responsible for using the data, and should ensure suitable quality assessment prior to use. Data should not be used in any situation involving the possibility of loss of life or injury, loss of property or financial loss.

QA/QC: See SATURN protocols.

Recommended acknowledgement: Data from SATURN-01 was provided courtesy of the Center for Coastal Margin Observation and Prediction (CMOP), a NSF Science and Technology Center.

Other information: N/A

SATURN-01 is maintained as core CMOP infrastructure via a National Science Foundation (NSF) cooperative agreement. The Murdoch Charitable Trust provided major instrumentation support. The station is operated under permit of the Oregon Department of Transportation.

All SATURN stations contribute data to the Northwest Association of Networked Ocean Observing Systems (NANOOS).


Field team: Chris Lapoint, Katie Rathmell, Michael Wilkin (coordinator)

Data management: David Hanson (coordinator), Alex Jaramillo, Charles Seaton, Paul Turner

Scientific direction: Dr. Antonio Baptista

Scientific supervision of specialty sensors:

Contact us at: saturn01@stccmop.org for station specific issues, or saturn@stccmop.org for collaboratory-wide issues.

Last updated: April 2009