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2008 High School Summer Apprenticeship

2008 ASE Interns
Khalilha, Peter, Matt, and Monica (Not pictured Jessica)

During the summer 2008, CMOP hosted five high school students in our summer apprenticeship program. Four students were participating in the Saturday Academy Apprenticeships in Science and Engineering Program (ASE), and one student, Monica, who participated in the ASE program last year at CMOP, returned as a 2nd Year CMOP Intern.

Nirzwan and MonicaThe High School Program is structured to work closely with the REU Program. High School interns have frontline mentors, usually graduate students or Post Doctoral Fellows, and senior mentors, who are CMOP investigators. The program design, from senior mentor, frontline mentor, undergraduate REU intern, to High School interns allows for learning along the educational pathway. High School students are at CMOP from late June to the middle of August. In accordance to the ASE program requirements interns will present at the ASE Symposium on August 16.

The high school interns did a fantastic job during summer 2008. Listed below are their job descriptions, blogs, and final PowerPoint presentations.

Monica, Khalilha, and Matt » Project Description (.doc) » ASE Symposium Presentation (.ppt)
Peter » Project Description (.doc) » ASE Symposium Presentation (.ppt)
Jessica » Project Description (.doc) » ASE Symposium Presentation

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