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EBS Poster acknowledgements and citations

We thank the captain, crew and scientific party of the M/V Forerunner, R/V Barnes and R/V Wecoma, and Michael Wilkin (OHSU) for his help with sample collection in 2007.

Final Presentation

Final Presentation

Week Ten

Monday: Restreaked St 1 June, St Ocean June, St 1 July
Tuesday: 96 well plates for St 1 June, St Ocean June, St 1 July; Final Presentation
Wednesday: Transformation for Cr4s OPA17; Restreaked St Ocean July, CR40s OPA04, St1 Apr OPA 13, St 1 July OPA 04, St Ocean July OPA 17
Thursday: 96 well plate for samples restreaked on Wednesday and Cr4s OPA17
Friday: Added glycerol to final plates; Done!
Saturday: Flew to Montana!

Week Nine

Monday: PCR for cDNA samples; Ligations for cDNA and total nucleic acid samples
Tuesday:PCR for cDNA samples; 96 well plates for CR15s total nucleic acid.
Wednesday: Ligation for cDNA samples; Transformations for cDNA and total nucleic acid samples; 96 well plates for CR4s TNA and St 1 TNA.
Thursday: 96 well plates for CR30s, CR40s, St 2 TNA. Restreak St 3, St 4, St 5 TNA.
Friday: 96 well plates for St 3, St 4, St 5 TNA. Brown Bag by David Martin.

Week Eight

Monday: Finished Miniprep of April samples; RT reaction for June, July, and April samples.

Tuesday: RT reaction for June, July, and April samples; PCR from RT reaction; ran gel from PCR; restreaked plates: 2 Ocean

Wednesday: Inoculated tubes for Miniprep of April samples

Thursday: Miniprep of April samples

Friday: Sent samples from Miniprep to primate center for sequencing; RT-PCR of samples; Focus group with UW representative

Week Seven

Monday: Miniprep/ Nanodrop of June and April samples

Tuesday: sent samples to primate center; PCR; TOPO cloning; DNA removal

Wednesday: Cloning; plate restreaking; DNA removal w/ Ribopure

Thursday: PCR of DNA removal; inoculated tubes for Miniprep; made LB XGAL-AMP plates

Friday: Started Miniprep of April and June samples; Midterm presentation; ETM meeting with Byron Crump




Literature about phytoplankton

Week Six

Monday: PCR cleanup of Friday products; TOPO cloning for chemical competent cells. Plated onto LB XGAL-AMP plates; prepare/ clean for cruise

Tuesday: Cruise-collected samples at 0 psu and 30 psu. Samples filtered for Chlorophyll A, SPM, FISH; passed through Sterivex
No growth of plates from Monday's chemical cloning

Wednesday: Nanodrop of April samples; RNA extraction and re-extraction of July cruise samples; Nanodrop of July samples.

Week Five

Monday: Extraction with Bacillus sample to test solutions. Attended seminar.

Tuesday: Ran gel for Bacillus extract. Determined and ordered primers. Attended seminar.

Wednesday: First extraction of June Forerunner cruise samples:1 fresh & 1 salt sterivex. Ran gel for extraction, estimated concentration with Nanodrop.

Thursday: Ran another gel for extraction using 6 ul sample instead of 3 ul. Ran PCR of extracted samples.

Friday: Ran gel from PCR. Status update presentation. Cruise meeting.

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