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Science is hard work!!

Ok so I am a little behind as I spent ten days on a research cruise in th CRE. Gathering data can be exciting and time consuming work. when the data was good there were a few sleepless nights for some people. I was amazed to learn how everyones intrests in the data evolved. Methods were discussed on the spot, if something wasnt working the way it was intended then great minds came together and tried to figure out why, perhaps it was test protocol that needed changeing , or air bubbles contaminating the expected results.

Lamprey Research

Here we are at week five already..... my how time flies...

I have learned alot about resaerch project development.  Project scope can be a tedious process that can lead to many directions and redirections. The key to successful project development is in organizational skills and in obtaining adequate background info to build upon.

Patience Is a Virtue

Completion of week two has been even more extensive lit review in preparation for the weeks ahead. I am learning lots of stuff here. I have been exploring the SATURN observation network and virtual Columbia River to gain knowledge about computer modeling development and calibration. I have learned that there is alot of work in examination and comparison of both observational data and the simulation data to improve and ensure the accurasy and usability of computer modeling in science.

A Life Changing Opportunity

I have finished my first week, I am doing extensive lit review and I must say that I have already learned alot about the program.

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