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Desdemona Sands Light site visit May 14, 2007

Monday was an attempt to visually document CORIE operational activities with CMOP's new Sony HC7 HD video camcorder. We departed MERTS around 11:30AM and headed for Hammond with a full crew, Michael, Dan, and Charles for operations, with Paul doing the videography and taking stills.

Operationally, the tasks were to retrieve and replace an instruments at the Desdemona Sands Light and Sand Island platforms.

The weather was warm and sunny with a light wind, the water was very calm, an unusual situation for the Columbia River estuary at any time of year.

Literature Search

First half.

Research Proposal

Python programming project.

Estuarine Turbidity Maxima Locator Tool

The ability to find the ETM is paramount for the August cruise, and our current capabilities do not provide sufficient help for this task.

I spoke with Joseph and Charles today and came up with possible solutions in increasing order of complexity.

Simplest solution: Manual transects across salinity intrusion boundary

Allow user to generate a transect by clicking points on the map. The transect will be colored by salinity and include barbs representing velocities.


With current capabilities, the user can visually locate the salinity intrusion at a particular time using the isolines plots in the cruise mapper.

Once located, the user can draw a transect across the salinity intrusion boundary and generate a transect plot like the one above. If the barbs indicate that the river velocity and the tidal velocity are opposed and "sufficiently strong," then the users can navigate to the corresponding lat/lon.

Cruise diary, day 1: 16 Aug 2007

R/V Barnes - CMOP cruise 14-31 August 2007

Ray McQuin (Captain)
Dave (first mate)
Jim Jim Postel (marine technician, UW)
2. Lydie Herfort (chief scientist, OHSU)
3. Mike Malpezzi (UMCES)
4. Tiffany Gregg (OSU)
5. Bill Howe (OHSU)
6. Sherry Pike-Saville (UMCES)

Thursday 16 August 2007

User-friendly "Zooplankton Tracker" - Python code by Darin Toy (OHSU/CMOP)

Background: My name is Darin Toy and I am a Graduate student at OHSU. I have an undergraduate degree in Environmental, Population, and Organismic Biology from the University of Colorado, Boulder. I have studied mosquito control and surveillance in Colorado for the last 6 summers. My research involved collection and ID of hundreds of mosquitoes per week and storing all the information in a database. I mapped breeding grounds and predicted mosquito populations.


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