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Saturday Academy

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July 31, 2007

Today Saturday Academy went out on Forerunner. We went in two groups. Once the first group was loaded we went out to Green 43 to take two CTD casts, one sample with the 3 liter niskin bottle, and a larger sample with the airlift pump. Then we headed back and picked up the second group and repeated the procedure with them.

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Fish Counter II

July 30, 2007

The fish counter that was removed from beneath Forerunner on July 2, 2007 and sent off to Mary Moser has now been put back under Forerunner. We received the counter back from Mary when she found that the battery had died shortly after the previous deployment.

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Week Seven

Monday: Miniprep/ Nanodrop of June and April samples

Tuesday: sent samples to primate center; PCR; TOPO cloning; DNA removal

Wednesday: Cloning; plate restreaking; DNA removal w/ Ribopure

Thursday: PCR of DNA removal; inoculated tubes for Miniprep; made LB XGAL-AMP plates

Friday: Started Miniprep of April and June samples; Midterm presentation; ETM meeting with Byron Crump




Literature about phytoplankton

Week Six

Monday: PCR cleanup of Friday products; TOPO cloning for chemical competent cells. Plated onto LB XGAL-AMP plates; prepare/ clean for cruise

Tuesday: Cruise-collected samples at 0 psu and 30 psu. Samples filtered for Chlorophyll A, SPM, FISH; passed through Sterivex
No growth of plates from Monday's chemical cloning

Wednesday: Nanodrop of April samples; RNA extraction and re-extraction of July cruise samples; Nanodrop of July samples.

First day on Forerunner

July 17, 2007

Today we went out on Forerunner for the July ETM Chase REU Cruise. We were accompanied by a small group from the Northwest Aquatic Marine Educators (NAME) conference that was in Astoria. We departed at around 10:00am and headed upstream a little ways to do a CTD cast and take a freshwater sample. We then headed downstream to AM169 and proceeded to do CTD casts and samples.

Week Five

Monday: Extraction with Bacillus sample to test solutions. Attended seminar.

Tuesday: Ran gel for Bacillus extract. Determined and ordered primers. Attended seminar.

Wednesday: First extraction of June Forerunner cruise samples:1 fresh & 1 salt sterivex. Ran gel for extraction, estimated concentration with Nanodrop.

Thursday: Ran another gel for extraction using 6 ul sample instead of 3 ul. Ran PCR of extracted samples.

Friday: Ran gel from PCR. Status update presentation. Cruise meeting.

Diving at Red 26

July 12, 2007

Today we put the Corie in at Hammond and motored down to Red 26. Our job was to check the instruments, clean barnacles and the like off of them, and change them if need be. Michael and Charles then dove down and retrieved the bottom instrument. The bottom instrument was replaced and the middle and top were cleaned with a bottle brush and a hand brush. After that we went over to Desdemona Sands day marker to check on the growth of the juvenile cormorants at that site. Unfortunately there aren't any pictures because I forgot the camera back at the office. oops.

Tide Tables

July 9, 2007

Here are links to tide tables for July, August, and September. They are organized by week and have the weekdays and weekends differentiated by text variances. There is also a link at the top to the local weather forcast via NOAA weather services.

July Tide Table

August Tide Table

September Tide Table


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