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Cruise diary, day 2 afternoon, 17 Aug 2007

First sample collected in the estuary of the Columbia River, off Tongue Point (Surface water = 0 PSU, Bottom water = 2 PSU; Station 1 cast 4) and we are sailing right away towards Portland. Arrived in Port of Vancouver around 9:30 pm.

14 Aug 2007 Mooring day

Walt Waldorf and Craig Risien deployed a mooring near station NH-10. The water sampling group processed two samples (bottom and deep chl max) to determine volumes needed and to work out the kinks. The water chemistry group was the busiest - they did best with 3 people, but could also use filtering racks with larger funnels to hold more water. The ones they have now hold 200ml, but for most samples they can filter 2-4 liters through each filter. The DNA/RNA sampling group was pretty fast thanks to the two 3-head Geopumps we used.


Loading day began with a drive from Beaverton to Newport through Corvallis and over the coastal mountains. We arrived at lunchtime so I sent the team out to get lunch while a few of us (me, Jude Apple, Lydie Herfort, and Bill Howe) went to Fred Meyer to get some last minute supplies. The ship's crew helped get our gear on board with a crane. We set up the labs and then headed out to station NH-0 (i.e., the Rogue Brewery) for a pre-cruise meal.


Final Presentation

Final Presentation

Week Ten

Monday: Restreaked St 1 June, St Ocean June, St 1 July
Tuesday: 96 well plates for St 1 June, St Ocean June, St 1 July; Final Presentation
Wednesday: Transformation for Cr4s OPA17; Restreaked St Ocean July, CR40s OPA04, St1 Apr OPA 13, St 1 July OPA 04, St Ocean July OPA 17
Thursday: 96 well plate for samples restreaked on Wednesday and Cr4s OPA17
Friday: Added glycerol to final plates; Done!
Saturday: Flew to Montana!

Week Nine

Monday: PCR for cDNA samples; Ligations for cDNA and total nucleic acid samples
Tuesday:PCR for cDNA samples; 96 well plates for CR15s total nucleic acid.
Wednesday: Ligation for cDNA samples; Transformations for cDNA and total nucleic acid samples; 96 well plates for CR4s TNA and St 1 TNA.
Thursday: 96 well plates for CR30s, CR40s, St 2 TNA. Restreak St 3, St 4, St 5 TNA.
Friday: 96 well plates for St 3, St 4, St 5 TNA. Brown Bag by David Martin.

CMOP August 2007 Cruise

Today, Chief Scientist Byron Crump and crew departed from OHSU-OGI for Newport and the R/V Wecoma. Departure for the mooring is Tuesday with a quick return Wednesday, then back out for several days to do transects on the shelf.


August 7, 2007

Today we went out to AM011 and AM012. Michael took measurements of AMB11 while Matt and I stayed in the boat and organized tools to pass up. The plan for putting a vertical profiler on AM012 has changed and we are now planning on placing it on AM011 instead.

[img_assist|nid=663|title=Top of AM011|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=100|height=75]

[img_assist|nid=656|title=Matthew in R/V CORIE|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=75|height=100]

[img_assist|nid=657|title=At AMB11|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=100|height=75]

Week Eight

Monday: Finished Miniprep of April samples; RT reaction for June, July, and April samples.

Tuesday: RT reaction for June, July, and April samples; PCR from RT reaction; ran gel from PCR; restreaked plates: 2 Ocean

Wednesday: Inoculated tubes for Miniprep of April samples

Thursday: Miniprep of April samples

Friday: Sent samples from Miniprep to primate center for sequencing; RT-PCR of samples; Focus group with UW representative


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