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Week Two

Monday and Tuesday of last week I spent doing more RNA isolations and now feel more comfortable with them. I spent Wednesday familiarizing myself the "datamart" database of past research cruise information and monitoring stations. I also read two pieces of literature and looked up terms that I was unfamiliar with. Wednesday night was eventful for me... It's really a funny story... so I was coming home from dinner at Malone's when a guy ran by me and snatched at my purse. He got it, barely, and so I took off after him.

Instrument, not machine

It turns out public transportation can be an amazing thing if you can find a way to get to it! I have. My bike is my new best friend. What was last week a 45 minute walk is now a mere 10 minute ride. Not only is it short, but it seems to be a very social thing. Just today I met someone carrying a cup of coffee in one hand and I learned how you can get your caffeine fix while on a bike early in the morning. I foresee this being very useful for this summer!

Week 2

Time flies when you're having fun right? This week seemed to fly right on by. I have spent most of my time reading some papers on modeling the ETM and learning Fortran code. This will hopefully help me be able to start doing some modeling of my own. I also must say I enjoyed our tour of OHSU. I am jealous of the views some lucky grad students get to enjoy every day.

SATURN logo - Final Version

SATURN This is my final design of the new SATURN sub logo. You may be asking yourself, what does it mean?

Week 2

On Monday and Tuesday I started in on my RNA extractions. The results? Well, maybe not so good. The yield for both was pretty low so it was a disappointingly small output for a lot of work (each extraction takes a full day to do). Wednesday and Friday were learning days for me as I got to try out a DNA removal from previously extracted RNA samples and then a subsequent RNA clean-up procedure to remove stable and small RNAs from the samples to isolate the mRNA.

Week 1

When I first arrived at CMOP, the plan was for me to do some computer-based data analysis based on samples Dr. Zuber and Lydie had collected on previous research cruises along the Oregon and Washington coasts and in the Columbia River.

Week 2- OAEP forum and OHSU campus tour

Yesterday was such a blast, Vanessa is so great at coordinating fun and very informative trips for us! After testing our public transportation skills to get to the river bank, we took an awesome tour of OHSU's new campus building. The labs are nice and shiny and they are working on some really cool stuff over there.

Week 2

This has been a fun and busy week for me. After starting to get more comfortable with the lab and a lot of the techniques they use here I've been working a little bit more independently.
The SDS-PAGE gel I ran after the Ni-NTA column purification turned out really well. Large amounts of Spx were detected along with a few other mysterious bands.
To get rid of these impurities I used a Hi-Q column to create a KCl gradient for ion-exchange chromatography. Using the automatic fraction collector really reduced my time in the cold room, which was nice :)

1st week

My name is Monica Reyna, I am going to be a junior at Westview High School. I am one of the high school interns this year. My frontline mentor is Nirzwan B. and my senior mentor is António Baptista.This is my 2nd summer working with CMOP and it has been really fun. I am looking forward to learning new things this summer. (:

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