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Week 2 6/23-6/27

It seems strange that only two weeks have passed since I started here! I've definitely been getting more used to working here. The 2 hour each way commute is getting somewhat normal, though I don't know if I'll ever quite get comfortable with it.

WEEK 2 6/23/08-6/27/08

Yay, I finally got my own account so I can log on..sweet.
So, this week my partner's not here so I'm working on my but so far I downloaded Saturn 01 data from the website, imported it into Excel and tried to find correlations between the change in salinity and turbidity. I also calculated the moving averages of the change in salinity and turbidity so as to try and filter the data and see the patterns more clearly.

Week 1 6/16/08-6/20/08

So far, things have been interesting; I wouldn’t quite say fun, but a learning experience. We went to the CMOP website, downloaded CSV targets for Saturn 01 and Saturn 03, we did download data from some other stations, but our focus is on Saturn. We imported them into Excel and did correlation analysis and made graphs. We also tried to filter the data in Excel, but were not very successful.

week two..

hello all,

this week i did a lot of thinking about how i would like the website to look, and more importantly taking in consideration of the person who will be maintaining the website after my internship. so that was interesting and fun chatting about all of the different aspects and ideas of myself, nirzwan, and jeff. i also got to meet some of the high school interns here for the summer as well. they have been very impressive with there willingness to learn and also their presentations. so hats off to you h.s. interns! great job. monica reyna from westview h.s will be an intern working with me on my project as well as her own projects for the summer.

week 1

So Far so good :)

My first week was pretty crazy with all the site visit stuff going on. I was happy to meet so many welcoming people though. I am really looking forward to this great opportunity to learn so much.
All of the background reading... although tedious was helpful and next week I will kick off my project with Tawnya and Joe and my other high school partner as we test the carbon cycle and CDOM

Week one/eight


PS I feel so small here as a High School student all these people are so smart!

Week 2

When light hits a fluorescent molecule, giving it energy, the molecule's electrons are excited. They release this energy as light with a longer wavelength. I finished reading about the effects of light on fluorescent whitening agents with a presentation to my lab group (Joe, Tawnya, Jami and Anna-Mai) and Paul on Wednesday. I was glad to be done with my presentation and begin work in the lab that afternoon. I began to learn about ways to measure light. The fluorometer we are using emits light that passes through a filter. Each sample is only exposed to chosen wavelengths.

WEEK TWO - Learning the Project

This week, like last week, was spent mainly in reading and learning about the project. In particular, I spent a lot of time going through Marta's paper and paying particularly close attention to her growth function for zooplankton. There were quite a few of the biology and ecology related terms and ideas that were unfamiliar, but it was fun to learn about them and discover how interrelated all of the ocean organisms are. I was also surprised to notice my own progress throughout the week.

Week 2

This week we finally moved into the apartment!!! If felt great not be cooped up in a hotel room anymore. And the apartment came equipped with everything we needed and more. Thanks Vanessa! At work, Bill and I finally got my application to work...except it was going extremely slow even after we downsized the file. But at least it worked! This week e also got to visit OHSU's main campus. It was probably one of the biggest campuses I've ever been on. Its funny because I thought thats where we'd be working at but I'm so glad it's not. I am jealous about the beautiful view of Mt. Hood and Mt.

Week 2

This week was different. For starters, I felt my first 80°-day here. It was wonderful at first but surprisingly, I started to feel really hot. I felt like I was home again. It made me think of how weird it’s going to be when I go back home. I actually might miss the cold.


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