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Good juju

According to Rachel Cooper from Scienceline, wisdom teeth, which come in in the late teens when we are ‘wiser,’ were “the evolutionary answer to our ancestor’s early diet . . . As a result, evolutionary biologists now classify wisdom teeth as vestigial organs, or body parts that have become functionless due to evolution.” But, is there something more to be said for these teeth? When you have your wisdom teeth extracted are you removing something, like oh say insight or good juju? I had mine taken out this week and things are a little off.

week four..

this week seemed to go by fast. early in the week i really started getting familiar with the dreamweaver and photoshop, enough to actually get some things started and pretty solid.

WEEK 3 6/30/08-6/4/08

Hurrah! day off tomorrow. =]

Well, this week, we've been continuing to analyze the graphs. I've been googling ETM and reading up on it and talking to Grant about the processes. I made a diagram of what's going on in the estuary regarding the saltwedge, the fresh water, mixing, and the ETM. I had to revise it so many times but it's pretty awesome ;]
Also, we were trying to find out what depth Saturn 01 is at but it does not have a pressure sensor on it -_-

We had Safety Training...boring, but since we're not going to be in a lab we didn't have to stay for the whole thing.

Week 2: June 30-July 3

Well, after being absent for a week, it is great to be back. This week I spent most of my time analyzing some more data from SATURN 01. I did a lot of work with salinity, turbidity, and tides.

We noticed many patterns with turbidity and salinity. When salinity is high, turbidity is low. Likewise, when turbidity is high, salinity is low. Also, there are spikes in turbidity that correlate with the change in tide.

Week 1: June 16-20

I’m a senior at Aloha High School. I am involved in several school clubs and activities. I am a part of the Earth Club (president), Science Research Club, Marching Band (section leader), political debate club (president), National Honor Society, and the leadership program (sr class vice president).

This week, I have spent much of my time on the computer. I have greatly expanded my skill with Microsoft Excel and Matlab. We have been downloading data from the CMOP website and analyzing it with these programs. We have used them to graph data and find correlations.

week three...

this week i continued to learn more about dreamweaver and photoshop. i haven't used dreamweaver before or photoshop, so its been a fun ride. it seemed that people were pretty excited about NSF site visit. it was my first time watching someone be critiqued in this way so it that was a new and different experience. my personal interest is in education, and i thought that Vanessa and Karen did a good job in that section. one of my senior mentors, roy sampsel also presented that day which was pretty interesting.

Day Three July 2, 2008

I have spent most of the day looking at lesson plans and what is being taught using real data and ocean sciences. I am also keeping in mind what would be good support materials, and how to find them again, while I am looking all over the web.

As I come across materials, I find other wonderful resources for other courses I teach, and it gets me excited for what my classes will be next year...but only after a cup of iced coffee in the afternoon :0). It can be a long day reading all this on the web, not unlike doctorate students do everyday!

Week 2

We tested all of the past cruises for CDOM information it was over 250 samples all lots of information
Now we are in the process of sorting all the data and soon it will be able to be useful

-Added Later-
The data has been sorted by cruise, date, cast, and depth. Now I am creating graphs and looking for any trends or unusual information in the CDOM/RFU levels. So far the graphs seem to be consistent by the CDOM levels dropping as the samples are farther away from the surface.

Day Two

More to come! The picture is an ROV (Remote Operating Vehicle) that my students made and entered into the ROV competition this past spring.

As my second summer here, I am "refamiliarizing" myself as to how things work and where things are. There are many new faces and new parts of CMOP. My first day at the NSF meeting was a good insight into the mission of CMOP, and a look at what it will be.

Week 3

This week was very...long lol. Well first we had the visit to the primate center. it was very interesting to hear about the variety of research projects that were being performed this summer. i was a little disappointed because i wanted to see the monkeys but i understand why we couldn't. Then thursday we had the NSF site visit. it was interesting to see the 'administrative side' of CMOP and some of the things that come with it. The site visit also provided us with exposure to some of the NSF representatives, although the two I talked to really just conversated among themselves.


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