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- electrodes that aren't packed well! (unable to reproduce procedures
- as more and more time goes on, the less sure I am the data I have produced thus far has been all that valid.
- Tons of time poured into finding out trends previously observed may be caused by other sources. Or that the trends don't exist anymore, despite that I've repeated the same procedure
- Similar results--but not quite the same! what do I make out of this? how do I interpret the data?
- an excess amount of data...I have no idea what it all means!
- Irreproducibility's the biggest issue--I can't isolate the exact reasons for peaks and such--I will change nothing and the graphs change, or I'll change something and graphs what causes the change?
- Its time consuming--It'd be fine if each set of conditions only takes like 2 minutes, but it takes a while to conduct the voltametry (especially CV), and once I'm done, I need to repack the electrode (which involves 15 min of cleaning/repacking) and deoxygenate my cell (30 min) in order to keep things consistent. And even then I don't know if its consistent!