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A Day in the Estuary

CMOP field team on a typical day in the estuaryCMOP Field Team from left to right: Nate (volunteer), Greta, Katie, and Michael

We are in the Columbia River estuary performing CTD measurements during slack tide. The weather for the research cruise has been sunny with calm seas. All that good weather is something the CMOP field team isn't use to. They are more accustomed to gray skies and rain, the typical working conditions around Astoria.

Fact is that Astoria ranks number one as the cloudiest city in America. The area has 240 cloudy days per year. They also rank third as the wettest city with 191 days per year of rain. (Source: The Weather Channel)

So when we entered the Columbia River estuary and it was a miserable rainy day, the field team felt right at home.