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And then there were none

 As one of the last interns in the building, I can attest to the fact that it gets a lot quieter and more dull without the other interns here. And, soon, all of us will be gone. But it's been really great to be able to work here this summer. I've really enjoyed meeting and working with the people in my lab, and getting a glimpse into what other labs do and what graduate researchers do. Overall, I look back at my summer experience as a good one, even with my repetitive tasks and the HPLC acting up. It was a wonderful learning experience, and I appreciate the opportunity that I had.

This past week was a lot slower than last week - I ran all of the DNT samples early in the week, while working on my final paper. Then, we decided that the data wasn't clear enough to be able to conclude much from it or analyze it, I didn't end up including it in my paper. However, the data may be used by my mentor later on in other aspects of her research, so it could prove useful, even if it isn't very clear right now.

But for now, it's goodbye to CMOP, and, soon, goodbye to Portland for a while as I go back to school. I do think it was a summer well spent.