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A four day first week of orientation and settling in

As the last intern to arrive, I managed to get here when Portland had decided to finally allow summer weather to appear. It seems a shame to have to spend the time indoors, but my project and the lab more than make up for the inconvenience. I'm helping with a project entitled "Assessment and Prediction of the Transformatoin Kinetics Determining the Environmental Fate of Contaminants of Concern." I'm looking at how long it takes for munition compounds to hydrolyze in an alkaline solution. I learned the process using TNT, but we're going to move onto DNAN now. Then all the data will be gathered together and hopefully can eventually be used to help make more environmentally friendly munitions. 

I arrived on Monday after having to delay the start of my internship while I was finishing my study abroad program in England. Monday and Tuesday were used to get me situated and oriented around the lab, and teach me the basics of my project. Then, there was a day off for the 4th, and then back on Thursday and Friday to analyze my results, learn how to use the graphing software program, and read some articles giving background on the next stage of research. So far, mostly I've been settling in, and figuring out where everything is, and what exactly I'll be doing, and how to do it. So not many results yet, but I feel like I know how to go about getting them. Every journey of 1,000 miles, and all that, right?