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Week Six

Monday: PCR cleanup of Friday products; TOPO cloning for chemical competent cells. Plated onto LB XGAL-AMP plates; prepare/ clean for cruise

Tuesday: Cruise-collected samples at 0 psu and 30 psu. Samples filtered for Chlorophyll A, SPM, FISH; passed through Sterivex
No growth of plates from Monday's chemical cloning

Wednesday: Nanodrop of April samples; RNA extraction and re-extraction of July cruise samples; Nanodrop of July samples.

Thursday: PCR of April and July samples. Electroporation of June samples with Dan; Ran gel from extraction of July samples; Ran gel of PCR products from April/ July samples.

Friday: PCR with 10X and 20X dilution of July/ April samples; ran gel from this PCR; REU presentations.