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Week 3 - Code Revision and New Plots

This week, I spent most of my time working on improving and revising my code that I had written over the last two weeks. Although my code was fully functional, there were many revisions to make, style wise and readability-wise. Currently, my code was composed of an assortment of top-level functions. To increase usability, code maintenance, and take advantage of all the Python features, I used object-oriented programming - the concept of having objects with attributes and methods.

In addition, I started to use source control with git, so I could keep backups of my previous versions and easily share my code with Jesse.

Later this week, I began to work on a new plot - the Geyer-MacCready(GMC) plot.

It’s a bit difficult to understand at first, but the GMC plot describes the physical behavior of estuaries. Data for the line is derived from transects at certain locations. The line here represents the physical behavior for the entire year of 2011. Most of the code for this plot was already completed by Tuomas, so my task was to revise it for readability and reusability.