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Half Way There: Finalizing Forecast 26 with m-elio observations (Week 5)

This week was very demanding, both of work and brainpower. I am still currently working with Forecasts 26 and comparing it to the data that I have received from the four stations in Cunningham Slough (CSD 196430, 196612, 196617, and 196446).  

Monday and Tuesday consisted of developing and debugging countless lines of code in order to produce time series to do a comparative analysis between the stations and the data. I have learned a lot about debugging code in these first two days, by watching Grant and experimenting on my own. We seemed to develop a solution in our extraction methods and switched to the m-elio extraction process, which was provided by Mojgan. Monday and Tuesday finished with me being able to produce 4 time series of only a day. My goal was to have my full Cunningham Slough datum plotted (March 25th, 2012 to May 1st, 2012). Unfortunately there are still some errors with in the code or in the F-26 model. But that determination will be left for Thursday.

Wednesday was the 4th of July so we did not have to go to work. I instead drove up the gorge to Multnomah Falls and then went and seen the fire works with some of the other interns. 

Thursday was a very successful day. I worked most of the day hashing out time errors with in my code. It just so happened that the errors were not in my code but were found in F-26. It seems as if some of the days that I have from the stations are not represented in the forecast. In other words the F-26 model has some days missing. I concluded that there were about 10 days that do not exist with in the F-26 model, but I was able to now successfully develop some time series that were greater than a day. They can be seen below:


Friday was a great day. Sasha and I went with Antonio and Mojgan to CRITFC down by the convention center and were able to interact with two of the lawyers down there and here how the center works. It was a really interesting session. We were able to develop a firm understanding of how the agency works and how CMOP works with them. I am really excited to be attending some of their events. I really would like to engage in the tribal fishing net practices. After we got back Sasha and I prepared presentations for Antonio. After our presentations we discussed what is to come within the next week. I will be looking at a refined grid that will stretch from Bonneville Dam to Longview. I will then also be analyzing three/four other data sets to determine if some errors are local or regional. Then when that is all done I well use the new grid and plot the bathymetry and all of the stations I have used. It is going to be a really busy week but I am looking forward to it.