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DB 28: Longview to Bonneville (Week 7)

 This was a very exciting and productive week. I finally received access to the DB 28 model run that I need to use for my model-observation comparisons. Again, DB 28 extends from Bonneville dam to Longview, WA. I spent most of Monday extracting the data from the run (temperature, elevation). I then converted the elevation to what we know as depth, but in a model it is referred to as the water column. I did this by adding the grid depth to the elevation arrays. I am still waiting on one Cunningham Slough sensor from the model because we could not find a location close enough to a node in the grid that would match with the Cartesian coordinates of the sensor. 

On Tuesday we went to MERT and Astoria. It was really cool. We got to see Phoebe's sister/brother (the glider, and not sure on gender yet since they have not named it, haha). But it was really cool to see such a high-grade piece of technology that I could benefit from. Astoria was beautiful. It was nice to finally see the estuary. It was a lot bigger than I had anticipated and a lot shallower. Here is a picture of the glider:

The rest of the week consisted of weeding out the glitches in my coding in generating my time series. From there I was able to analyze the time series and I believe I have found two specific errors with in the Depth analysis and I am not really sure how to proceed about analyzing temperature. I am really excited to sit down on Monday and discuss what some potential solutions could be. Then the next step is PHO!!!