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Week 9: Finishing Experiments 3 and 4

Collecting daily time points continued this week. On Monday and Tuesday, I collected two time points and spent time measuring manganese oxide samples. This consists of spinning down the samples and then pipetting a small amount into a 48 well plate for measurement via the spectrophotometer. Each sample already had LBB added to it—the reagent that turns blue in the presence of manganese oxides. The intensity of blue is what is measured on the spectrophotometer. Given absorbance values are then used to determine oxide concentration.

On Wednesday, I worked on data analysis. This involves me calculating concentrations for hydrogen peroxide, manganese (III), manganese oxides and total dissolved manganese from measured spectrophotometer values and then graphing my results so that trends can be seen and evaluated. I also graphed up measurements for optical density and pyoverdine concentration. Since I did four different experiments, I had lots of data to work with. During the afternoon, I went to the Oregon National Primate Research Center with Vanessa and some of the other interns. We learned about the biomedical research process and the research that is carried out at the center. The highlight of the tour was seeing the monkeys. We even got to see the new colony of baboons that has recently arrived at the center. Overall, it was interesting to learn more about the research being performed at this facility.

On Thursday, I performed only one time point. This left me with plenty of time to focus on measuring outstanding samples for manganese oxides and total dissolved manganese. I was able to get most everything measured, giving me plenty of data analysis time on Friday. Friday night, my lab had a party since many of the lab members have or will be moving at the end of the summer. It was fun to connect with the other lab members and learn more about what they have been working on.