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Week 7: Astoria and Experiment 4 Measurements

This week I continued with the schedule that my past weeks have exhibited. Each day I focused on collecting samples from two different time points. This, along with acid washing, occupied most of my mornings. On several of the days, I also measured outstanding manganese oxides samples. To do this I added LBB to the samples and measured the absorbance via the spectrophotometer.

Wednesday, I traveled to Astoria with Vanessa and the other interns. We took a ride on the Forerunner, a CMOP field vessel. We departed from Ilwaco and traveled across the bar to Astoria. On our way, the crew stopped at Saturn 03 and Saturn 05 to sample the water and take measurements. This allowed us to see the CMOP field stations and sampling devices. It was really neat to see fieldwork being carried out first hand and to have the opportunity to ride one of the CMOP work vessels.

Friday was a short day in the lab, but nonetheless a very full day as I attended the intern seminar on networking along with my lab group meeting. 

The Forerunner / The Columbia River Bar / CMOP Sampling Device





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