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Week 6: Experiment Three Measurements

Week 6 followed the same pattern of the previous couple weeks. On Monday, I ran two time points and then measured total dissolved manganese in outstanding samples via the formaldoxime assay. I also streaked a Lept plate with P. Putida GB 1 mutant 245.

I had Tuesday off as Vanessa took the interns to Bonneville Dam and Multnomah Falls. It was interesting to learn more about the dam and see the turbines that produce the hydropower. We stopped at Multnomah Falls on the way home and hiked to the top. The way up was a steep climb, but the view at the top and the chance to dip our feet in the river made it worth it!

I was back in the lab on Wednesday and measured my standard time points. I also tested utilizing absorbance for the hydrogen peroxide assay rather than fluorescence and noted the difference. Both methods seemed to show similar sensitivity so I decided to continue to stick with fluorescence. I made up 20 ml of Lept and inoculated it with the mutant that I had grown up yesterday. I had a little extra time and therefore tried to get somewhat caught up on my data analysis.

On Thursday, I measured two time points and then made up 3 L of minimal media to use in experiment four. I noted that my bacteria had not grown in the Lept overnight and therefore I inoculated a 50 ml Lept culture and left it to grow overnight.

On Friday, I was happy my bacteria had grown! After collecting one time point in the morning, I finished making up the minimal media for experiment four and inoculated four of the samples as I have done in past weeks. I attended the intern seminar over lunch and learned how to effectively present data and how to create an effective poster. After lunch, I measured my second time point of the day and also measured t = 0 for experiment four.