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Week 10: Synthesis of Data and Poster Presentation

This week was a busy one as I attempted to complete data analysis, create my poster, and finish my final paper. Data analysis had to be completed first since I needed to be able to analyze trends before drawing up any conclusions that could be included in my poster presentation or final paper. I spent all of Monday and most of Tuesday working on data analysis. Because I ran four experiments, I had over 24 graphs to compare and look for trends in. Matt helped me analyze these graphs, as it was hard to summarize such an enormous amount of data.

I spent Tuesday evening and all day Wednesday working on my final poster. I submitted this Thursday morning in preparation for the poster session on Friday. Thursday was spent cleaning up the lab area that I had used this summer and acid washing equipment. I also worked on my final paper.

On Friday, I attended the poster session from 10-12. This was a great experience and most people seemed genuinely interested in the research the interns had performed and were now presenting. This was my last day and therefore goodbyes were said. A special note of thanks to Dr. Matthew Jones and Dr. Brad Tebo for all their support and help this summer. I also want to thank Vanessa Green for her coordination efforts. This internship was a great privilege and outstanding opportunity for which I am grateful!

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