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Week five: housekeeping, acclimation and cell counts

This week has been a busy I didn’t get to do many cell counts this time around since most of my time was spent with other things. Since some people in my lab are preparing for a cruise on the 19th I have been helping out by washing bottles that they will need to take with them, and by Friday all of them where washed and ready. I also spent all of Thursday filtering 800 ml’s of sea water to help out in the lab as well. This week Rachel has been teaching me how to take care of her pH acclimation cultures of Alexandrium this will be something I have to do on my own next week since Rachel will be gone. Tuesday I spent some time on culture transfers, this week I had to transfer all of them (21 cultures), I also spent most of my time on Monday and Tuesday working on my midterm presentation fortunately it went well, there are several areas I need to work on but I will practice so that by the time the final comes around I’ll be alright. We have developed a schedule for next week hopefully everything will be alright and I’ll be fine on my own.