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Week 2

This has been a fun and busy week for me. After starting to get more comfortable with the lab and a lot of the techniques they use here I've been working a little bit more independently.
The SDS-PAGE gel I ran after the Ni-NTA column purification turned out really well. Large amounts of Spx were detected along with a few other mysterious bands.
To get rid of these impurities I used a Hi-Q column to create a KCl gradient for ion-exchange chromatography. Using the automatic fraction collector really reduced my time in the cold room, which was nice :)
After running another gel to visualize the proteins in my sample we saw that we now had some good old, home-brewed purified Spx G52R!
We are currently dialyzing our sample in preparation for storage. There may be a few other proteins that need to be purified before I really start gathering data but that's okay, as long as I'm in the lab and kept busy, I'm having fun.