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Week Two

Monday and Tuesday of last week I spent doing more RNA isolations and now feel more comfortable with them. I spent Wednesday familiarizing myself the "datamart" database of past research cruise information and monitoring stations. I also read two pieces of literature and looked up terms that I was unfamiliar with. Wednesday night was eventful for me... It's really a funny story... so I was coming home from dinner at Malone's when a guy ran by me and snatched at my purse. He got it, barely, and so I took off after him. When I caught up I pushed him down from behind and started kicking him and in the bustle I snatched my bag back but I was so frazzled that I didn't see the curb behind me and low and behold I fell off of it and sprained my foot. Julia was also with me so together we scared him away... We're no joke, don't mess with us or you're goin down! Ok Ok, that is enough of my false heroics.

I went to the doctor, with Vanessa's help, on Thursday morning and got myself a shiny new pair of crutches. I didn't want to miss the tour and the forum that Vanessa had planned for Thursday afternoon, so I decided to go and gimp around. I enjoyed the sky tram (awesome views) and the forum (very informative w/ great food). It seemed impractical for me to do an RNA isolation on Friday, seeing as I was on crutches and the procedure involves walking around with equipment in your hands, so Mariya, being very understanding, suggested that I stay home and read more literature.