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Could it be?

Midterms have passed?

Our measured data matches model predictions?

The world is filled with rainbows and gum drops??

Here we are in week blah, and I could not be happier. On Friday the other interns and I presented the current status of our projects (*Sigh of relief for putting that behind us). It was amazing to see how much progress everyone has made since our first meeting. All of the hard work and suffering seems to have paid off.

Last week I shared a brief progress report of my own to everyone who reads my blog (Parents, mentors, friends submitting to coercion). You will all be delighted to know that we have made significant progress since then. The experiment to investigate shear thinning behavior of xanthan in a capillary tube has proved successful. See the pretty, new graph below: 

Now we are ready to observe shear thinning behavior in porous media with pore spaces of similar diameter of the capillary tube. Our experiments will begin with columns packed with glass beads, and later we will move to sand. Although the experimental procedure will remain mostly the same, I am excited to move foward. I am very curious to see if our results will match those of previous experiments.