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Cruise diary, day 1: 16 Aug 2007

R/V Barnes - CMOP cruise 14-31 August 2007

Ray McQuin (Captain)
Dave (first mate)
Jim Jim Postel (marine technician, UW)
2. Lydie Herfort (chief scientist, OHSU)
3. Mike Malpezzi (UMCES)
4. Tiffany Gregg (OSU)
5. Bill Howe (OHSU)
6. Sherry Pike-Saville (UMCES)

Thursday 16 August 2007
Loading day at MERTS campus dock in Astoria. ADCP be cannot be fixed today but will be ready for 19 August. Lydie Herfort had a meeting with Curtis Roegner (chief scientist on Forerunner) to finalize our plans for later this week. Cassandra Profita from the Daily Astorian came to interview Lydie Herfort, Bill Howe and Tiffany Gregg. CTD has been tested in the air and seems to be working fine apart from the OBS sensor but that may be because the CTD was not in the water. This will be tested tomorrow morning.