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Week 9 & 8 – Understand Information and Gathering Data: Water-Quality Data, Yukon River Basin

Upon arrive to OHSU – CMOP, meeting my Mentor Charlies Seaton and getting assigned to a Cubicle. Working in same Deportment as Carolina Johnson, another internship and roommate; even though we work in the same building not doing the same project.

Being introduce to my mentor and knowing what my project was; the research to understand the facts or data they have collect over the years from the Yukon River Basin. Took time to read articles that my mentor Charles email me to get a figure to understand the information on data collected or gathered from past trips to Yukon River Basin. Reading up on how they collect data and analysis water samples, along with measure of the Yukon River Basin, with the help of U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council (YRITWC), National Research Program (NRP), and USGS Alaska Science Center (ASC). Reading up on articles and data information from that exploration each team as taken in the last years or so.

Using the data information gathered and analysis the data to help understand the water-quality for Yukon River Basin for the last five years. Contracting some new data for real-time data of the river (YRB). With this data information, I’ve been researching the data information collected and extracting the file to csv format files. So I can create a database for research can input their information data at real-time and on the spot of collecting data. Creating a database in the server to collect the data input and output of information despite the location or area their working at. Once I extract all the data from the PDF file, I can create the tables and fields for the database interface.

Along with the information, I had to download different programs to help with contract and understand the Data. Much more to learn in the time being. From using Python Programming Language and programs I haven’t used before. Looking up more information about each program I getting my hands on.