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Topic: Week 7 & 6 – Developing Interface for Water-quality Data

Continue extracting data from the PDF to CSV files, this coming week from the Data Water-quality PDF files. Reading all the articles from the first week, understand the data information collected from the Yukon River.

Looking at the data information knowing that I have to develop an interface to contract the data into the database. Creating Tables in PostgreSQL using pgAdminII to access the CMOP server.  From there I had to research the input and output commands for PostgreSQL, was a little different from what I’m use to write in code. Understand the commands for putty terminal, downloading the Spyder Software to run in python. Going back and forth from the notes commands that my mentor email and documentation on PostgreSQL website.

Successfully Create Table win.chemistry in pgAdminII using the Water-Chemistry 2013 Data information. Next I have to insert the Data information for this column I made when I Create Table win.chemistry than running in the python. So for I have Insert into data to my Table, that worked just have to input all the data information for the rest. Looks pretty good with the information I have gathered to Create the Interface design and many more to come. Until next blog I’ll be a pro. Stay tune for more information.