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Week 4: Adding Time Handing to Y and Z Axis.

       After completing the Diagram my next step was to add time handling to the Y and Z axis. Currently only the X axis of the data explorer can handle time.

"Current Data Explorer Interface"

At first glance I thought to myself “Yea okay easy enough.” Unfortunately, I was wrong. The Z axis I had very little trouble with. The Y Axis on the other hand gave me a hard time to have it handle time appropriately. While I struggled to figure out why I wasn’t able to have time work with the Y Axis I learned that my troubleshooting skills weren’t the best. I had trouble finding out where in the code the program would stop working. I worked with my mentor to help me improve on my troubleshooting skills. Throughout the week my troubleshooting improved dramatically. I was able to get a lot done and have time function correctly on the Y and Z axis.

"Updated Data Explorer Interface"