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Week 1: Understanding the Data Explorer

My name is Cruz Orozco an undergraduate summer intern at CMOP. Together, with my mentor Charles Seaton, I will be working with the data explorer, which is used to plot data such as: salinity, temperature, oxygen, etc. from the Columbia River. There are many stations across the Columbia River along with instruments, which are collecting data on a daily basis at different depths.

“Current Stations in the Columbia River”

Using the Data Explorer(DE) the data can then be used to create plots by simply selecting any station, what type of data you are interested in and then by selected the time frame. A plot is then generated such as the one below.

“Plot Example “

Here we can see that the station “Saturn 03” was selected. With three different types of data being used. Temperature(C), Salinity, and Oxygen are plotted. This plot shows that as the temperature decreases the salinity increases while at the same time the oxygen decreases at this station. During my time here I will be working with the DE making improvements as well as adding new features to it.