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WWSBE (WWSBE Week Six Blog Entry)

 As of Friday 7/15/11 all the basic functionality of the commenting form is in, in theory. In practicality, there is probably at least one critical corner-case bug that I don’t know about. But this week will be centered around preparing for a preliminary launch. This week’s new features include: a beautiful graphical start and end time selecting system, the ability to show/hide the various parts of the form, comment submission times, and a new primary-key free annotation table. The primary keys on the annotation-table were getting in the way of closing comments as a closing comment couldn’t be submitted with the same status as the opening comment. In the end we decided that having primary keys would just end up being more trouble than it is worth as the same effect could be achieved programmatically on the client side. I’m a little worried about putting the graphical time selection system in a different format as there are some hard-coded numbers in there that might be screwed-up by css, we’ll see.