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Presentations Coming Up

 The Data Annotation Interface is as done as its going to get before presentations. I'll have a week and two days to fix it up after that's done but from now until Friday its paper writing and Powerpoint making time. As for new features there are two: the interface is now (mostly) compatible with the data explorer's POST/GET variables. There's still a bug that prevents previously made comments from showing up when you click on them but that can be fixed when I get back. I also added Internet Explorer 8 compatibility. I haven't done comprehensive testing on that compatibility yet but it looks fairly good so far. The incompatibility was primarily due to the 'split' function not working in IE8. I searched around online for a solution and finally found a IE8 compatible replacement to 'split'. There was also and issue with IE using a different CSS variable for transparency than everybody else but that was a quick fix.