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30 April 2012 - Tested equipment in Newport Harbor

April 30. We spend the morning testing equipment in Newport harbor. We deployed the Winched Profiler device for the first time, and we put the CTD in the water to test the sensors and the pump. It took us a while to figure out how to install the batteries properly in the SBE-25 CTD system that I rented from UMCES Horn Point Lab. We figured that out and then went to Fred Meyer to buy more D-cell batteries, cable ties, bungees, electrical tape and duct tape (all the important stuff!). We had a safety briefing at 11 and everyone tried on a survival suit. At 1600 we pulled anchor, left Newport and started motoring up the coast. The weather was rough and many of us got seasick including me! Remarkably, new grad student Lindy Fine did not get sick. She already seems to have her sea legs.