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17 Aug - Cape Meares line

[img_assist|nid=755|title=Multicorer|desc=|link=popup|align=right|width=200|height=150]. Night shift ran six CTD casts going east along the Cascade Head Line starting at 2200 yesterday, and finished early so that we arrived at the Cape Meares line before breakfast at 0700. We sampled at nine stations, collecting water at four stations (CM-3, CM-10, CM-20, and CM-a). We completed 2 sets of samples before lunch and another right after lunch. Dale Hubbard noticed a sand/mud sediment signal on the echo sounder at station CM-30, so we deployed the multicorer in ~500m of water. Three of the eight cores contained sediment, which was extruded and sampled by Rachel Schneider. Weather was rough for most of the day - clear but windy and wavy. One of the scientific staff continued to struggle with seasickness, but the other person seems to be back to normal. At the last station (CM-a) we collected our normal samples from three depth, but also collected 200L of bottom water for Lisa Zeigler of the J. Craig Venter InstituteThis sampling required a total of four CTD casts, including three casts to 1200 m. After dark the night crew ran CTD casts along the Cape Falcon line.