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RDFS deployment at LNEC

In the rdfs account's cron file are the commands used to prepare, launch, and clean up the forecast.

As user 'rdfs' run 'crontab -l' to get a listing of the contents of the crontab file:

########## aveiro ####################
10 0 * * * /home/rdfs/forecasts/aveiro/bin/ /home/rdfs/forecasts/aveiro > /home/rdfs/forecasts/aveiro/log/ 2>&1
0 10 * * * /home/rdfs/forecasts/aveiro/bin/ /home/rdfs/forecasts/aveiro 90 > /home/rdfs/forecasts/aveiro/tomorrow/log/ 2>&1

Trip to Opal Creek pool for a water sample

Ran up to the Opal Creek pool area to grab a water sample for CDOM testing.

Full domain

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Tsunami Movies for internal use only

Alaskan 1964 event Pacific view

CMOP August 2007 Cruise

Today, Chief Scientist Byron Crump and crew departed from OHSU-OGI for Newport and the R/V Wecoma. Departure for the mooring is Tuesday with a quick return Wednesday, then back out for several days to do transects on the shelf.

CTD Cast - Forerunner June 5, 2007

Sped up, elapsed time is approximately 6 minutes.

Status of hindcast runs - May-2007

As of May 29:

db11 - 2006 complete through week 26, setups for the remainder of 2006 are complete and are in the queue to run
db14 - 2-3 weeks of the first 2 series of 2006 need to complete
db16 - done through 2005, waiting on db14 to complete for 2006

Desdemona Sands Light site visit May 14, 2007

Monday was an attempt to visually document CORIE operational activities with CMOP's new Sony HC7 HD video camcorder. We departed MERTS around 11:30AM and headed for Hammond with a full crew, Michael, Dan, and Charles for operations, with Paul doing the videography and taking stills.

Operationally, the tasks were to retrieve and replace an instruments at the Desdemona Sands Light and Sand Island platforms.

The weather was warm and sunny with a light wind, the water was very calm, an unusual situation for the Columbia River estuary at any time of year.

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