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Tenth and Last Week

This week was a hard and sucessful week in my research project, because my mentor and me find results that contribute in a good way to the SATURN-03 endurance station.
The results are that we can extract the bad data and save the good from the Pre-August 2009 data set.

Ninth Week

 My ninth week was different, because I discovered in my research different things. First one my mentor Charles and me discovered that exist a small relationship in in temperature in the old data and new data! That's good! And now I'm trying to do keep with the relationships patterns with the thermistor dataset and find the expected results for my final presentation on next Thursday! I hope in God that I find that results because this internship are ending, and I need to find it. 

Eight Week

 This week was an unproductive week because I got sick, and I stay at home. But, during those days I worked with my final paper and my final presentation. Today I can go to CMOP, I worked with the mean, min, max and the standard deviation of the difference between CT13 and Thermister13.

I hope next week will be a productive week that covers this week too!

Seventh Week

 This week I continue to work with the 3d images for a best assessment of the system, and continuing to clean up bad data to SATURN-03. My next step will be take the standard deviation of the temperature between CT13 & Thermister13 data during each data. Improve a new code for better assessment of the images and look the errors distributions during the summer and winter periods. 

Sixth Week

 Last week was my sixth! In that week I worked with my code and trying to do a 3d model image to see much better the different behaviors of the difference of ct and thermister. On Friday we went to OHSU and explore the graduate student's world. And then on Saturday, we went to Mt. Hood Hike, a great and amazing experience. This week I'll continue with the 3d's models! 

Fifth Week

 This week was the most strongest, because I do different things at the same time. Firstly, I plot different images of the difference of the two types of instruments that I'm working. Later, I do a histogram to see more clearly many errors point by point that have the data, and then I merge the 3 histograms models and I get another figure and I see the difference between them. That was a hard week because I worked until 9pm and 10pm. I like it! Today was the mid term presentation, and we look the different research of our partners.


 In the fourth week I could make some plots of different flow meter currently under investigation. I also run an interpolation to see the changes that are in between the two flow meters and then create a histogram to make me see things more simple and reaching my conclusions. Enjoying and learning this weak, reading a lot to illustrate my mind. Waiting for the fifth week, I want get to keep learning new things and reach more interesting conclusions of this research.

On the other hand, I passed today a great experience at Bonneville Dan Tour. Amazing experience! 

Third Week

 This week, it's my third one. It's been a week of hard work and different emotions and that I better knowledges of MATLAB Programming. I'm understand and losing the fear of talking in English. I worked creating subplots and different plots of temperature changes and variations of the seasons and interpolating functions of the SATURN_03 Station to get a better a quality data. So, I hope that everything continues good, to do a well work in this research, because I like it!

Thank You!

Second Week

 In this second week was an adaptation to the MATLAB Program to keep working and understanding the salinity and temperature changes in the estuary. I've also started reading some papers that will be helpful to my research. I will continue working hard to propose my goals in this project.


A Big Step - First Week

This is my first week of a new phase in my life. I have no words to describe what I feel, I hope to be successful in this internship, to take things to the fullest and learn a lot. This week will be coupled with my mentor and with another way of life. It will be a challenge to continue with my dreams and my goals. It will be difficult, but is not impossible.

Thanks for the opportunity!

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